How much information in data?

How much information in data?

How much information in data?

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How many times have you been struggling looking for something interesting in a big dataset? Here you are two quotes to back you up in those lonely moments.

“We’re going to start out emphasizing the message that simple algorithms often work very well. In data mining — maybe in life in general — you should always try simple things before you try more complicated things. […]  How can such a simple method work so well? Some datasets really are simple, and others are so small, noisy, or complex that you can’t learn anything from them. So it’s always worth trying the simplest things first” – Ian H. Witten – Data Mining with Weka

“If the quantity of information is increasing, the amount of useful information almost certainly isn’t. Most of it is just noise” – Nate Silver –  The Signal and the Noise



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